About Us

Here at The Karaoke Mic, we are committed to delivering you professional audio and entertainment quality. We pride ourselves in providing simple to use, yet complex in nature and professional audio equipment used for both entertainment and industry competing recording and audio output. Through offering a variety of audio recording, playing, playback, and entertainment devices, we assure our clients are equipped with top of the line accessories and machinery, for all their karaoke and voice recording needs. 

Say goodbye to poor microphone and audio output quality, faulty recording processes, and flimsy fundamental materials that make up traditional and basic karaoke and recording microphones. 

And say hello to our easy to use, professional entertainment and industry grade devices and accessories. Life comes at you fast and in an array, bringing along with it stress and worries. Entertainment and fun is key to reducing stress levels and relaxing after long days of hard work. Singing and enjoying karaoke or music is an aerobic exercise which causes the natural release of endorphins and other 'feel good' chemicals. So whether you're looking to jam out alone, with friends and family, or on stage in front of a crowd, equip yourself with our professional grade karaoke and audio equipment to do so in style and high quality! 


Our reasonable price points make The Karaoke Mic's equipment and accessories available to anyone looking for a good time and even those looking to create their own music and vocals on recording. We've done this because we believe in a healthy split of work hard and play hard, as each person deserves a break away from their daily obligations and responsibilities, to relax, and also create a healthy and creative mind. That is why The Karaoke Mic is here to serve you and your entertainment needs.


So why wait? Get your very own karaoke microphone condenser and any other accessories needed to boost your vocals and make your own at home concert to create any ordinary day, into one to remember and record. So start your vocals exercises and invite your friends and family for an amazing time! 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach us at: info@thekaraokemic.com or Address: 3200 North America Drive, Buffalo, New York, 14224